What does it takes to get into a Sixth Form?

The search for excellence should start at a young each, it is never too soon to start learning about the world and a top educational program could do that to any young mind. Students that are on these programs are exposed to the world and realities, they are not hidden inside of a bubble but instead learn how to question and how much the world needs a change.

There is a high demand for the sixth from schools Birmingham, every year thousands of candidates apply but only a few receive an invitation to become a pupil. Traditionally these programs are for students over 16 but due to the high demand, some colleges started taking pupils that are 13. Depending on the age and the school, the requirements will change but there are some general characteristics the institutions take into consideration.


Students that intent to apply for a sixth from schools Birmingham college will need to have a high proportion of A’s on their GCSE. This is the first requirement that candidates must fulfill. Students with grades bellow A’s are not considered suited for the challenges to be faced on the sixth form colleges.

Multidisciplinary Talent

Sixth form schools are interested on students that are good on multiple aspects. A student needs more than good grades to be considered an adequate applicant. Some schools pay special attention to prospects that are good at sports, those candidates could get scholarships based on their performance.

Entrants that are talented artists get extra points on their application, the sixth form programs are based on more than just the grades. The pupils must prove to have several talents and abilities, otherwise the school will simply not be interested.


Most colleges have a limited number of places on their sixth forms and they will offer them only to their students. External candidates hardly get into the programs because they are not a legacy. Institutions are interested on keeping their traditions so they give priority to pupils that are children of alumni.

Some Birmingham sixth form schools highlight that only entrants with a sibling or parent on the program will be considered. These institutions have long histories and traditions they wish to preserve and they close their doors to new people. It is a common practice but it does not mean that external candidates do not have a chance to get in.

Younger Pupils

The younger the candidate the highest the possibilities to get in. Students that are about to start Year 7 do not have to meet the academic qualification since they are yet to take the GCSE. However, the rest of the requirements remain the same with new limitations, for example some schools only take pupils that live near the campus.

If you are a parent a wish for your kid to get into a sixth form, the best options is to prepare them from a young age so they can meet all of the requirements once they get 13. Do not get discouraged if it sometimes seems kind of impossible, believe in your children and try to give them all of the tools available. A better future for your kid is possible if you put your mind to it.